Alice Chigumera

Born: 15th May 1965

Harare, Zimbabwe

Date of interview: 31st May 2006

Map showing where Alice Chigumera came from

OK Alice could you tell me about when you arrived in Britain, the year you arrive and your experiences?

I came to Britain, it wasn't really planned, it was because of the political pressure that was happening and I just came with just a few clothes and went to South Africa, just took a plane and landed in Britain. By then I'd called my friend, knowing they were on the phone when I was in South Africa and got her to wait for me at the airport at the Heathrow, came with the South African Airways. She waited for us and we got in to the First Great Western Buses, came to Reading. By that time she was living in Shinfield. My, when I first came to Heathrow, well experience of Britain was not that, all that new to me, but I was still in quite a traumatic situation when I came here and when I got to the airport it was more or less like you know the usual immigration things that got through, 'Why are you here?' 'Why have you come?' and all the other questions.