Alice Chigumera

Born: 15th May 1965

Harare, Zimbabwe

Date of interview: 31st May 2006

Map showing where Alice Chigumera came from

Do you meet lots of Zimbabweans in Reading?

There's a lot of Zimbabweans in Reading, I do a lot of things with Zimbabwe, what we call Zimbabwe network here, as you know with what I've said in my history. I'm also a member of Amnesty International, I'm a Vice Chairman of the Reading Refugee Support Group, I'm also currently formed a new African Voices Forum which was launched sometime last year. I do a lot of things, I'm also a volunteer for the National Institute of African Studies and Zimbabwe community is involved, so I'm quite actively involved in so many things. I also do the Reading Festival when it happens, I participate in the WOMAD, political and doing other things concerning diversity, cultural wise and everything, I've been doing it for the past, since I've been here in Reading. I'm going to be in Reading for almost, now it's over three years I've been in Reading, so I've been quite active.

I write a lot of stories with the local media, Reading Evening Post. I've written several articles about my coming to Reading, why I love Reading, and I help them if they want to do stories about Africans and their diversity, to make sure the paper itself is not only oriented with the local people, but also with a lot of diversified communities. It gives me, it gives them a different perspective. I'm involved with RISC and we do a lot of things. Being the Vice Chairman of the Refugee Support Group I see a lot of different people, again from different parts of the world. I went through hell myself when I came here, and that's why I really had to do something, being part and parcel of the Refugee Support Group, because it's first hand information that I have. I know how the other person is suffering, it's not somebody who has been sitting in her house who will tell a refugee what it is to be a refugee, although it's just a name at the end of the day.