Alice Chigumera

Born: 15th May 1965

Harare, Zimbabwe

Date of interview: 31st May 2006

Map showing where Alice Chigumera came from

But you love Reading?

The most important thing is I love Reading, I love Reading every time, I just walk out of here, I'm running to school, I don't have the pressure of going anyway. I've integrated so much that I've found good mothers here who are British who look after me like I am their own daughter. I've found families here who look after me as if I am their own child. I've found friends here from a diverse community, from the Asian community, from the White community, where I have felt comfortable with them. I've found that there are people who will listen here, the system here, Reading is, they listen to what you say, including Members of Parliament, the Council people, all those that are involved in service providing, the NHS wherever you are, the Education System, there's somebody who will listen to what you are saying, they will not take it as a file and put it aside, somebody will really listen and welcome you whoever you are and don't take it out of context.

Reading is just a place where you say, I can come here and stay here and retire and wont feel the hassles of being in a bustle and hustle town. It's just a place where you feel comfortable in every way.