Rose Cam

Born: Not given

Natal, South Africa

Date of interview: 20th July 2006

Map showing where Rose Cam came from

Tell me something about your first winter.

My first winter actually wasn't bad because I was expecting the worse. I hadn't known anything else so everybody kept saying 'Oh, you wait until ...' So I was waiting for the worse, but the worse never came that year. But the following year, it was 1967, it snowed and it was awful. So eight months I spent in Maidenhead and then I came in Reading in January 1967 and I was in Pendragon House. But the first two months I was at Prospect Park just working on Evelyn Ward and by this time another African girl joined from Ghana so we teamed up together, and because we'd been there the longest when PTS started we were really lucky. We had private rooms. Everybody else shared.