Rose Cam

Born: Not given

Natal, South Africa

Date of interview: 20th July 2006

Map showing where Rose Cam came from

So you learnt music then in this country or ... ?

At home I used to be in the choir. My parents had, we had a piano at home We didn't have formal lessons, we used to just sit at the piano until we'd get the tune that we know and really play it. And when I came to England, at the Royal Berkshire, because the piano was in the same room as the television, unfortunately I couldn't always play but I always thought 'Well one day I will really play the piano.'

I started learning and then a friend, he was Nigerian, he was doing his doctorate in Reading and he said 'Well, will you teach me?' I said 'Well I'm not a teacher.' He said 'Surely you can help someone who is starting from Grade One?' I said 'Alright.' So I started making lesson plans and I really felt like I can do this. And he did extremely well. And then he told his friends at the university so I started getting enquiries really by word of mouth.

I did the Trinity College Certificate of Teaching and then I've done the Associated Board Certificate of Teaching and then the Open University diploma and degree in music with humanities with music. And it's building up now. I'm hoping that's going to carry on. 1992 I had nineteen pupils and I was still working full-time. And then I went to a summer school which was run by Hungarians and they've got a different, unique way of teaching music. So I got into that. So I've done their diplomas.