Rose Cam

Born: Not given

Natal, South Africa

Date of interview: 20th July 2006

Map showing where Rose Cam came from

So, what happened with your plans?

Well, in 1969, I was on Rushey Ward. I was in my second year actually, the end of my second year, above the maternity unit. Maternity unit moved from Battle Hospital to where it is now and we were the first, myself and my other colleagues, first intake to do obstetric nursing. They moved in December 1969. I was just in my third year, in fact, just at the beginning and we went there to start my three month obstetric because I thought I don't want to do nursing, but I will do obstetrics. I'll just get an insight into midwifery and do obstetrics and then I'll do the rest at home. I was that determined. I thought I'm not staying another year longer in England.

There was a lady, she came in for hysterectomy. She was lovely and she happened to be in the ward. There were four bedded cubicle, four and six bedded cubicles and I ... that's when they were experimenting with smaller wards and I nursed her and we really became very friendly and one day she said to me 'Are you married Miss Cox?' I said 'No.' She said 'because I've got a cousin I'd like you to meet.' I said 'I really don't want to meet anybody at the moment because I'm so close to my exams, boyfriends waste your time. If I have a boyfriend that means I've got to have time to go and see him.' I said 'No, I'd really would rather not.' And she said 'He's really lovely.' Anyway, the ladies in the ward said 'Cowardy custard.' They kept teasing. But I said 'Alright I'll meet him once.' And of course I met him. I think he was as scared of meeting me and also I thought I really don't want to meet a white man because, if anything develops then I can't go home.