Rose Cam

Born: Not given

Natal, South Africa

Date of interview: 20th July 2006

Map showing where Rose Cam came from

So in terms of how Reading has changed then 'cos you've been here since 1960.

Oh it's changed so much. The Butts Centre wasn't there. When I came there were nice Tudor houses. I can still see them now, two of the houses on the side of Broad Street on the side of that road that goes down to join Castle Hill and I remember coming, walking, 'cos I used to love walking, because I just wanted to walk and get as much information about the area so that when I went home I didn't want to appear not to know about the area I lived in. So I walked a lot and I used to go to the library to read the history of Reading. I even found out that there was a woman who used to be a childminder and they called her Baby Farm and she used to drown the children in the river in Caversham and one of them lived in Kensington Road not far from where the chippy I worked with was.