Rose Cam

Born: Not given

Natal, South Africa

Date of interview: 20th July 2006

Map showing where Rose Cam came from

So he proposed to you then in ten months?

Yes. Yes and I just felt no I'll wait. I said 'No, I really have to think about this' and I did have to think about it. I did have to speak to my sister in South Africa and she, and my uncles, they were alive then, and my uncle said 'Do you know Rose. You know our views. We don't interfere if you love somebody you go with your heart.'
I can't go back home and my people are left in Apartheid system and I'm away from it and free. And that did trouble me and I think that's why I used to have nightmares. I used to really sleep, I didn't sleep well at all for a long time.