Grace Browne

Born: 31st October 1932

St.Thomas, Barbados

Date of interview: 11th July 2006

Map showing where Grace Browne came from

When you came home from school what would you do?

First thing come home, you had to say good evening whatever you call your parents, take those school clothes off and if it's, have something to eat if you have homework you do your homework. Most people they keep goat, sheep, cattle, chicken, pigs, you go and do that and water the garden. We have coops that the chicken used to live in and you had those to clean out, see they have clean water.

You see in our country it's a sanitary inspector, he comes around to the house, at least twice a month and see if there's any water, dirty water around the house and he have a ladle and dips it into it and see if there's any little creepers into it and he will warn you and if he come back again and its not there you have a fine. So round the place must be kept clean and you keep pigs and the pig pen must be kept clean or you can have a fine.