Grace Browne

Born: 31st October 1932

St.Thomas, Barbados

Date of interview: 11th July 2006

Map showing where Grace Browne came from

What were you saying about the sharks?

Yeah, and sharks, in the month of May. Baby sharks used to come in on the seaside and people, and people, would get nets and they would go down at night and they would catch the baby sharks and they used to eat baby sharks in those days, yes the baby ones.

And turtles used to come in on the beach, and dig a hole and lay their eggs, and you would keep an eye, what you do, you go on the beach early in the morning and if you see like the sand move away you will come back next night and you will watch it. Well then we know how many days it would take for a turtle to hatch its eggs and because the turtle comes out the sea, digs a hole in the sand and lay the eggs and cover it over and then it go back into the sea. And then so many days it come back, it open up and got all the baby turtles and people would get nets and catch them.