Grace Browne

Born: 31st October 1932

St.Thomas, Barbados

Date of interview: 11th July 2006

Map showing where Grace Browne came from

What was it like?

Well that experience it wasn't bad you know because you met a lot of people that you never met before and then travelling on water for so many days, when we got to Genoa we got off the boat and then you walk around then we got on there, back on to the boat and then come over then by another place and then we get the ferry and come over.

When we come it was cold, I said to my husband, I wanted to go back to my
mother because see in the place then it so cold, and I had to stay in where we
were living then ... it was just the one room and everything had to be like done in that one room, and never used the fire. The lady she had a fire in the sitting room and we had to use these paraffin heaters and those things used to be so smelly.