Grace Browne

Born: 31st October 1932

St.Thomas, Barbados

Date of interview: 11th July 2006

Map showing where Grace Browne came from

What did you store them in? Jar or a box?

Yes, yeah, you can put them into a box, or can put them into a jar. And in those days, even with meat there were no fridge, so when you have meat, like pork, you put plenty of salt on it and you know pottery. There used to be big pottery jars with covers, lids we say and you would take your pork and you would wash it nice, clean it and put plenty of salt on it, and put it into that jar and cover it, and when you want it you just go and take it out, you soak it in water to take away that salt. Thats how they used to cure meat ... but I would not say for today because there lots of fridge and different things that are going but we used to save meat, meat like that.