Grace Browne

Born: 31st October 1932

St.Thomas, Barbados

Date of interview: 11th July 2006

Map showing where Grace Browne came from

So that was a help to you?

Yes, that made me feel then more comfortable. Before we got our house we were walking out one evening, and I can remember the place was off the Oxford Road because when I come out back into the main road I was under the bridge. I been to a house and I knock and the lady never wait to find out what I want but she came to the door and said 'Sorry, no rooms to let.' So I was just going to ask this other lady if she had any rooms, she didn't know what I want, nothing she just go up and draw her curtains and that really upset me I said to my husband 'No. I'm going back to my mother,' and I often remember that bit. And as I walk and come up, I find myself just under the bridge, near the Oxford Road, yes because it was a bright evening just walking around to know the place.