Spaho Bajric

Born: 19th July 1944

Small town near Sarajevo, Bosnia

Date of interview: 23rd June 2006

Map showing where Spaho Bajric came from

You spoke about living in the refugee camp and that you were eventually taken from the refugee camp. What other experiences did you have in the refugee camp?

The refugee camp ... I used to live in two. One was in Bosnian town. I know it was over-crowded and only ordinary people if they help you you will have food. OK, I understand it was like that. Then I moved to Slovenia and it was like prison. I didn't like you know to live in camp and I had very bad experience from Slovenia. What's happened, you can't go out without permission. You have to, if you go to shop to buy something you have to ask for one or two hours for permit to go out. It was like prison. They treat us like we are people who came to steal something and like we are criminals.

And other bad experience it was with Slovenian ... teacher. My daughter was attending school in Slovenia. One day she come back, she was crying. One of teacher told her 'You must go from this school.' She was surprised. Why? 'You are refugee Bosnian. You can't stay and sit with Slovenian student in same class' and she was crying crying crying. And we decide that she will leave school and we will go in any other country that offer us something different.