Spaho Bajric

Born: 19th July 1944

Small town near Sarajevo, Bosnia

Date of interview: 23rd June 2006

Map showing where Spaho Bajric came from

What was your mother's profession?

My mother was ordinary woman and she had very good family and religious education. She tried to teach us to respect other people, to help other people, to share with them everything. If you have food, share with your next door. Doesn't matter who is, is he Christian, Muslim, Jewish, we have to share with him. I accept from my mother everything and particular I was pleased when my mother adopt one child ... what I was try to do in my life later. And they were helping poor people but what I am doing now similar.

I from Reading now running one project for orphans children and in past last year we start to support children who lost parents in Bosnian war, particular children from Srebrenica. I am supporting two of them. My daughter and son they accept two - it's four. All other friends altogether we are supporting seventeen. I was in Bosnia in April this year to see my child because she was finishing with her college graduation. I was so pleased to see somebody who with my help got education and can start his own life. But everything what I am doing now I think it was influenced from my mother.