Spaho Bajric

Born: 19th July 1944

Small town near Sarajevo, Bosnia

Date of interview: 23rd June 2006

Map showing where Spaho Bajric came from

And what about your sisters?

My sisters they stay in Bosnia, both of them stay in Bosnia. One of them was in Sarajevo and they were in siege ... without anything, without food, without electricity, without central heating. They suffer so much. I didn't know for them for one year. And the first news what I got it was from one German doctor ... and ... who visit Bosnia and he was friend of mine but he visit my sister. He found her and I got news from him that my sister and her family stay alive in Sarajevo. They were OK at the end but you know Sarajevo was like Stalingrad - siege for one year, without food, without anything and ... About 15,000 people were killed in Sarajevo.