The stories and experiences of people who came to settle in Reading were collected in a series of interviews which took place in 2006. Those interviewed gave their time freely and generously so that we can hear them talking about their lives and how and why they came to Reading, UK.


Born: 15th December 1972
Anhui, China
Date of interview: 15th September 2006

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Each person has kindly given their permission for their interviews and photographs to be reproduced here. The views expressed are those of the individuals concerned and do not necessarily reflect those of Reading Local History Trust.

These interviews would not have been possible without the involvement of local volunteers who undertook oral history interview training, provided by the Oral History Society. The volunteer interviewers were Stewart Tippet, Owen Muganda, Joycelyn Melton-Grey, Doris Ferguson-Townsend, Danuza Vericimo, Judith Gibbison, Natalie O'Toole and the project's Co-ordinator, Ann Westgarth.

A whole army of volunteers and paid workers undertook to transcribe the interviews, in particular, Elaine Bradshaw, Alison Mackay, and Christine Borgars.

Reading Local History Trust gratefully acknowledges the time given by all of the people involved in making the interviews for this project.