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(Riaz) Which university did you study in, in Britain when you came in?

To do accountancy you didn't have to go to university. I used to go to Reading University Library regularly because... Read more.

(Collyer) In the meantime, what, you'd been back to visit Uganda, and, what was happening with the political situation? You'd left it being quite in turmoil ...

Yeah ... So one of the reasons I was struggled in university is that there was even more fighting, and... Read more.

(Collyer) And then she started to go out more did she?

And she started to go out. And, we stayed on for two more years, nearly two years, and then she... Read more.

(Collyer) Did it cause financial problems for you when he died?

Again, not that I noticed, and I don't know why unless he really, provided. He must have just really provided... Read more.

(Collyer) And ... it's and even now, not very common for women to take up engineering. it was regarded as a men's, a man's career. Did that occur to you or anybody else, was it part of the objection that your father made of your sister?

Possibly. He never really explained it. Never, think he just felt that, I think by then things were starting to... Read more.

(Collyer) How did your, do you know how your parents met?

No I don't, actually I'll have to ask them. I [inaudible] my mother saying that if my father used to... Read more.

(Jones) That was your kind of employment what else was going on in your life?

I was still playing cricket within all those days! And as I said to you ... I realise, looking back... Read more.

(Malhotra) Do you ... have you been back to India, and what is it like when you go?

Well the first [pause] time, the longest time, when I came to this country, the very first time I went... Read more.

(Malhotra) Was it, did it become better as more ... Asian people came, for you or ... ?

I have been lucky neither at work, well apart from one or two incidents that ... now I can laugh... Read more.

(Malhotra) How did you find out about that job?

It was advertised in the paper you know and ... good job. You asked this thing because I, in those... Read more.

(Malhotra) When you had the baby ... were you?

Em ... the baby having the baby and that was another experience because ... baby first child, I did not... Read more.

(Malhotra) So what was Reading like as a town in 1970?

It was ... it was quite nice and friendly, don't ... the real ... I think now I have seen... Read more.

(Malhotra) What was it like, what was it like for you arriving in ... in Reading in the winter, in a room, expecting your first child?

Well it was very hard for ... first of all ... any first time mother it is a difficult time.... Read more.

(Malhotra) So where was your husband's job?

At Ministry of Agriculture ... He was working as a scientist there.... Read more.

(Malhotra) How did you travel to Britain?

By air, yeah we both came by air, did my husband came by Japan Airlines and I came by Air... Read more.

(RBrowne) So Reading has done you well?

Oh yeah. Reading hasn't done me too bad at all. I got no regrets. All the time I've been in... Read more.

(RBrowne) Did you have difficulty getting jobs?

No. Jobs was pretty easy to get. Once there was no problem at all getting jobs because in them days... Read more.

(RBrowne) So tell me about your family. What did your parents think about you leaving home so young?

Oh, the only person there who was a bit worried was my mother really, but my father, he wasn't worried... Read more.

(Chigumira) So what's your plans for the future?

Well my plans for the future are political, can I be a Mayor of Reading one day, I think so.... Read more.

(Chigumira) Do they miss Zimbabwe?

They do miss Zimbabwe, but the other thing is that we cook the food here, we play the music here,... Read more.

(Chigumira) Was that privately rented?

Yes privately rented and the rent was approximately about £600. Well looking at it, I could manage to sort of,... Read more.

(Chigumira) Once your children arrived in the UK did you approach the council to see if they would help you with housing?

I didn't approach the council in, I didn't know that I had all those privileges, one way or the other... Read more.

(Chigumira) What year was that?

1999 in January so I've gone through quite a lot in my life and I've generally I've lost all my... Read more.

(Chigumira) When you came was that the year 2000?

2002 in July. I arrived here 2002, July 28th . I got through the immigration and came and stayed in... Read more.

(Chigumira) So you, you left Mozambique for the second time, in what year did you say?

So '97 that's when I was re-called back home, went back to the Minister of Foreign Affairs again and worked... Read more.

(Chigumira) Is that Kings Road in Reading ?

Yes Kings Road in Reading, that's where I'm a member of the Methodist church. So, well we carried on after... Read more.

(Chigumira) Can you tell me where and when you were born?

I was born in Zimbabwe, but then it was called Rhodesia in a township called Mpopoma in Bulawayo on the... Read more.

(Tamang) So do you think that it was due to their hard work that this restaurant has been so successful? Its expanded originally from where you started hasn't it.

Yeah I mean I owe a lot to what they've done they've accomplished and achieved quite a lot in the... Read more.

(Tamang) When you first moved here or, in the early years?

Yeah when we first, in the early years. And obviously I can remember the amount of work, that my father... Read more.

(Tamang) So you sent the boys to school, you paid for them because it was important the education. And tell me what's happened then, the restaurant we're sitting in now, its grown, how did this happen?

In this one section we managed to fit in sixty to seventy people, its actually, very obviously overcrowded. When we... Read more.

(Tamang) So this was your husband, he rented the Star of India-

So my husband went back five days later to the partnership he'd left and told them that he was leaving,... Read more.

(Tamang) So why Reading?

He'd been looking around for businesses at that time and one the businesses that was going for sale was the... Read more.

(Tamang) So, going back a bit, your husband who was working for the king, a good highly paid job, what made him decide he wanted to come to the UK?

There was four of my husband's friends all worked at the palace at the same time, one of the friends... Read more.

(Pollek) What was your mother's profession?

My mother, both my mother and father were born in 1922, they were born in the Carpathian mountains, they, of... Read more.

(Pollek) What other early memories do you have of your childhood?

Well I learnt English at school, though I don't remember not being able to communicate with anybody in English, but... Read more.

(Sheikh) So you're at Bisley and then how long were you there?

Eight years. But this is where I got my first challenge. A person, RC, I remember that bastard, sorry about... Read more.

(Ling) So you were study in the week, and working at this school. How long did you do that for?

About three years. About three years until I met my husband and then I came here. How to say? He... Read more.

(Graham-Paul) And was this a full time training?

Yes, yes. But then it was shared ... it wasn't agreed between my husband and myself and by then my... Read more.

(Fappiano) And did those bad experience of leaving school early and having to work help you in the, in the long run?

Well it did help me give me experience of life and how to earn your living and appreciate it, it's... Read more.

(Fappiano) Can you relay to me your experiences as a child?

Well as a child I was born during the Second World War and then after the war it was a... Read more.

(Patyra) Was there a favourite piece you played?

Well, not really. We used ... In the Mood, you know American Patrol and all that.... Read more.

(Patyra) What venues? Can you remember the names of any of the venues, where they were?

Yes. Well, we used to play the Town Hall, that was Police dances mostly. And then different organisations, you know... Read more.

(Patyra) Whereabouts in Reading did you play with your bands?

All over.... Read more.

(Patyra) That's when you first started work there?

Yes. And that was ordinary. If you were lucky you earned a little bonus but sometimes I didn't earn any... Read more.

(Patyra) Were you fighting through ... ?

No. No we been still, we been all skeletons, we did have to learn, well get some strength.... Read more.

(Szopis) Tell me about that.

Oh, in 1940 when the Russians occupied the site of Poland they decided they wanted to take us out of... Read more.

(Cam) So you learnt music then in this country or ... ?

At home I used to be in the choir. My parents had, we had a piano at home We didn't... Read more.

(Cam) So what happened to your career after you got married then?

Yes, so I switched from ... well concurrently with nursing I decided when I retire from nursing, 'cos everybody was... Read more.

(Cam) What year was that?

1967 to '69. For four hours I was paid one pound and they knew I was doing that job because... Read more.

(Cam) Did you take a trip back there during your student days?

No, I couldn't afford ... In fact, I worked my socks off. I used to work at the cinema, at... Read more.

(Cam) So you said something about nursing. You came here to do nursing. So did you start your nursing in South Africa?

Yes, I did do auxiliary nursing because I really did want to do medicine. But because being orphaned in South... Read more.

(Bajric) In conclusion I would like to find out from you what contribution you can continue to make because you have told me about all the work you have done for the people of Bosnia and the UK society.

I did a lot of things first. When I was working I tried to help people who were in a... Read more.

(Bajric) Why were you not allowed to go?

I had travel document, blue one. They said you can visit any country except your country. And I was looking... Read more.

(Bajric) What work were you doing during the day?

I was doing painting decorating houses and all building work, my employer, ordered me to do. I have to do... Read more.

(Bajric) Which religion were you before?

I never follow it, I was free man you know. But I was born ... I was born like Bosnian... Read more.

(Bajric) When roughly was it that you came here?

It was sixth of October 1992. I do remember exact date when it was. And after ... one week something... Read more.