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(Morris) Okay, Anne, so would you like to say anything else about your immigration, contribution for the society, for Reading, for England, how do you see that? Anything you would like to comment?

Well, basically, I think, as I say, I think it's a very tolerant, this is a very, they are very,... Read more.

(Riaz) What were the bad experiences that you had?

Bad experiences? [Interviewer: Yes] Well, I wouldn't call it bad but, yes, it was disappointing. I applied to two hundred... Read more.

(Riaz) OK, when you came to England did your impression change from the one that you had before you came into this country?

Ah [pause] ... yes and no. Because there weren't many people and unfortunately the people who came before me [pause]... Read more.

(Collyer) Were there many other black people at university?

No, almost as many as there were women engineers, about forty, women engin-, women, maybe in the black communities maybe... Read more.

(Collyer) And coming back to your childhood, what's your next sort of memory that you recollect as a child?

... Next memory is going to a nursery school ... called Aunty Claire's nursery and they would give us books... Read more.

(Jones) Around that time were there many black people in Reading?

No no there wasn't a lot, and, people used to look at you ... like they never see a black... Read more.

(Browne) How do you see the future now?

Well, I don't think there's as much prejudice now as there was when I first came here. It don't make... Read more.

(Browne) You told me earlier about these women saying no room and closing the curtains, were there any other times when you felt you were being discriminated against?

Yes I have met some patients, that wasn't very good, and definitely I met some patients that, they get on... Read more.

(Browne) So that was a help to you?

Yes, that made me feel then more comfortable. Before we got our house we were walking out one evening, and... Read more.

(Malhotra) Was it, did it become better as more ... Asian people came, for you or ... ?

I have been lucky neither at work, well apart from one or two incidents that ... now I can laugh... Read more.

(Malhotra) So what was Reading like as a town in 1970?

It was ... it was quite nice and friendly, don't ... the real ... I think now I have seen... Read more.

(Malhotra) Let me just take you back to when you first came to Reading, you said, there that you had the real experience of being an immigrant. What did you mean?

Well I think when I was in Cornwall we were treated like guest because they all knew there are students... Read more.

(Malhotra) How did you travel to Britain?

By air, yeah we both came by air, did my husband came by Japan Airlines and I came by Air... Read more.

(Chigumira) How old were you at that time?

I was twenty years by then, when I applied for the job to go in to the Minister of Foreign... Read more.

(Pollek) How was it that work, working amongst fellow Ukrainians?

Well it was funny because again, being white, we don't stand out and in those days people were very concerned... Read more.

(SSheikh) Did you know who this was? Was it certain people or was this kind of general? Did you know that somebody had a grudge in particular?

No I didn't know because we were, my husband was so good. At the Irish Club, my husband was the... Read more.

(SSheikh) You talked earlier about the racism that you suffered there with them throwing stones damaging the vehicles did you experience this in your life generally or was this just at the business where this happened?

It was just the business, I mean it wasn't like this happened this month and you forget about, it was... Read more.

(SSheikh) These were regular customers?

Yeah they were my regular customers and they would just say 'Can you send Shabana' you know and I would... Read more.

(SSheikh) Did you have many lady drivers?

No I was the first lady driver then we had another two lady drivers as well because there used to... Read more.

(SSheikh) What year was it when you came here?

1966. Frame Clothing moved after a year to Basingstoke Road, Bennett Road so that got tough that's when the bus... Read more.

(Sheikh) You said before you felt you were African, so do you still feel that way.

Yes, I still do and that will never go away. I've lived in a sort of cosmopolitan society. I've been... Read more.

(Sheikh) So you're at Bisley and then how long were you there?

Eight years. But this is where I got my first challenge. A person, RC, I remember that bastard, sorry about... Read more.

(Sheikh) Where did you live then?

In the quarters. We were not allowed to buy house in those days. You must live in the quarter next... Read more.

(Sheikh) How did you feel at this stage?

Awful. Depressed. That was the first time I'd come upon the racial prejudice that was in this country and the... Read more.

(Ling) How do you find mixing with English people?

I think the people are the same, you know, everywhere. You can, you get some nice people and you can... Read more.

(Ling) When you first arrived in the UK, early on you'd been worried about him going and being 'corrupted', that's the word you used, how did you find life in the UK?

Life in the UK. It's ... compared to ... I don't really think it's a better life for me. It's... Read more.

(Graham-Paul) Did you ever feel you would go back to live in Jamaica or did you always feel that you made your home here?

I have no ties there. To say, my children are here, my grandchildren are here ... so this is home.... Read more.

(Graham-Paul) And do you ever go back? Do you go to visit Jamaica?

Yes. But I haven't got any relatives there. They're either here or in the States. But ... two years ago... Read more.

(Graham-Paul) Can I just take you back...So Cyril was your husband?

Yes. Children's father. Anyway, got here and ... started to go to Reading Technical College ... and ... I wanted... Read more.

(Graham-Paul) You're just talking about some differences there ... culture shock differences ... what sort of thing do you mean?

What I meant is ... is the way people are sort of ... they look at you and because you... Read more.

(Graham-Paul) And what happened then?

It was rented accommodation. 'Cause in those there was still racism going on. If you looked black it wasn't easy... Read more.

(Cam) He was black?

My dad, yes, yes. But he was tailoring for everybody. This is what I was saying. If you came to... Read more.

(Cam) So the Apartheid experience. How was that for you then compared with the ...?

I just went as a Zulu. I didn't care. In fact I used to be an embarrassment to the other... Read more.

(Cam) Did they treat you as a coloured or as a black?

Well, coloured 'cos my grandmother was half Scottish and so that's how I got in. Unless you had a background... Read more.

(Bajric) You spoke about living in the refugee camp and that you were eventually taken from the refugee camp. What other experiences did you have in the refugee camp?

The refugee camp ... I used to live in two. One was in Bosnian town. I know it was over-crowded... Read more.