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(Browne) When you came to Britain, how did you find the food?

It was very hard with the food. The meat was alright because in those days Union Street had lots of... Read more.

(Browne) What were you saying about the sharks?

Yeah, and sharks, in the month of May. Baby sharks used to come in on the seaside and people, and... Read more.

(Browne) What did you store them in? Jar or a box?

Yes, yeah, you can put them into a box, or can put them into a jar. And in those days,... Read more.

(Browne) When you were a child you, what would be the main meal you would eat?

It's fish, yes, it's fish. And it's fruit by the name of breadfruit you have breadfruit. Potato, yam, pumpkin, yes.... Read more.

(Browne) You were telling me about the crabs?

Yes, there're two types of crabs, is the land crab and it's the sea crab. The sea crab, we eats... Read more.

(Browne) When you were a child, did you go down to the beach to buy this fish?

Yes, you go on the beach and buy the flying fish or people walks along the street and they say... Read more.

(Browne) How do they put them on, on a string?

They have a string and push it up the gizzard and it come through the mouth and they put so... Read more.

(Browne) Grace, you've got a picture there, of Barbados, tell me about it?

Now this is the picture of Barbados and it have, a shapes like a leg of mutton. It has eleven... Read more.

(Browne) Where did, what did you do for entertainment?

Oh, well, we used to gather together and you get some what your country, provides, what how you cook, and... Read more.

(Chigumira) Do they miss Zimbabwe?

They do miss Zimbabwe, but the other thing is that we cook the food here, we play the music here,... Read more.

(Tamang) So quite heavily pregnant, and you arrived and it was snowing in December, and what was your first impression of England?

When I came over it was snowing, it was very, very dark, very cold, and my husband came and picked... Read more.

(Ling) Why is it important to you?

In China, we say, you can change everywhere but you can't change your stomach. [laughing] You know, I am fed... Read more.

(Ling) What do you think of Reading, as a place? Why did you move to Reading?

Because my husband got another job and also I got a job. It is easier for us to come here.... Read more.