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(Morris) Where?

I know in Birmingham there was, and it was very difficult. I can't speak for other nationalities. I can't say... Read more.

(Morris) How long was the process from the idea ... ?

It took probably eighteen months, probably, I'm just trying to think, about eighteen months. But the thing is, my philosophy... Read more.

(Morris) How did you get involved in the Irish Eye Programme?

I was working in Reading during this time ... I often thought when I listen to the radio ... I... Read more.

(Riaz) OK. How do you see your role in the future? Your own contribution to the community of Reading?

At the moment I am still a councillor and I shall be councillor up till 2008, so I've got two... Read more.

(Riaz) And Deputy Mayor, yes. How did you see your role, as ... as somebody coming from ... a big family in Pakistan and being mayor?

As I said, I think from day one my outlook and approach was ... international ... and multinational rather than... Read more.

(Riaz) And how have you maintained contact with people in Pakistan?

Yes, ten days ago or two weeks ago I went back on official tour because I wanted to see the... Read more.

(Riaz) What were the bad experiences that you had?

Bad experiences? [Interviewer: Yes] Well, I wouldn't call it bad but, yes, it was disappointing. I applied to two hundred... Read more.

(Riaz) OK and what was your mother's profession?

My mother was a housewife basically and ... she was always busy together with the assistants, the ladies which she... Read more.

(Collyer) And was your mother still teaching ... or?

No she, she stopped and did ... she used to do voluntary work, so with Save the Children Fund and... Read more.

(Jones) That was your kind of employment what else was going on in your life?

I was still playing cricket within all those days! And as I said to you ... I realise, looking back... Read more.

(Browne) Where was this in Reading, Grace?

Edges Street, 17 Edges Street. Yeah and then I lived there but I wasn't very happy to be truthful. She... Read more.

(Malhotra) Is there anything else that you wanted to say, that I haven't asked you about?

Yeah, I think for any immigrants whichever background they come from, when they come, to my mind, if they decided... Read more.

(Malhotra) Where is the temple?

Temple is in Whitley ... Street, 112 Whitley Street. It used to be Methodist church and when that came on... Read more.

(Malhotra) Was it mainly ... you and some friends, or ...

Well, we started four five ladies together and just like a general discussion that we need a place and we... Read more.

(Malhotra) You talked about your religion, the little bit back you were talking about, you know you're invited to Christmas. Have you been able to practise your religion here?

Yeah, I have done it because, when ... well when we came here there was no facility. There were no... Read more.

(Malhotra) When you had the baby ... were you?

Em ... the baby having the baby and that was another experience because ... baby first child, I did not... Read more.

(Chigumira) But you love Reading?

The most important thing is I love Reading, I love Reading every time, I just walk out of here, I'm... Read more.

(Chigumira) If opportunity arises would you again get involved in politics in Reading?

I might say I'm very much involve in politics in certain ways because politics is not really about what you... Read more.

(Chigumira) So what's your plans for the future?

Well my plans for the future are political, can I be a Mayor of Reading one day, I think so.... Read more.

(Chigumira) Do you meet lots of Zimbabweans in Reading?

There's a lot of Zimbabweans in Reading, I do a lot of things with Zimbabwe, what we call Zimbabwe network... Read more.

(Chigumira) Was that privately rented?

Yes privately rented and the rent was approximately about £600. Well looking at it, I could manage to sort of,... Read more.

(Chigumira) What year did you move back to Reading?

Because I'd arrived here in England in 2002 July and moved in to Reading in March 2003 and that's when... Read more.

(Chigumira) Were you still living with your friend then?

I was still living with my friend because she had said that I should until I managed on my own.... Read more.

(Chigumira) When you came was that the year 2000?

2002 in July. I arrived here 2002, July 28th . I got through the immigration and came and stayed in... Read more.

(Chigumira) How old were you at that time?

I was twenty years by then, when I applied for the job to go in to the Minister of Foreign... Read more.

(Chigumira) Can you tell me where and when you were born?

I was born in Zimbabwe, but then it was called Rhodesia in a township called Mpopoma in Bulawayo on the... Read more.

(Tamang) As a practicing Buddhist it must have been an honour to have the Dalai Lama come to stay. How did that come about?

Tibetan Foundation and another organisation were organising some talks in London and my husband was trying to organise something in... Read more.

(Tamang) You worked in the restaurant as well?

And then because of the time schedule and so on Chris and Elaine changed it to the afternoon to come... Read more.

(Tamang) Elaine Bradshaw? Scottish ...

Yes, yeah. She came at nine o'clock, nine till ten she used to come over. But I didn't really have... Read more.

(Tamang) Going back then, when you came to Reading and, your husband was working in the Star of India where were you living as a family?

There were four rooms above the Star of India, and after when we bought this there was rooms on top... Read more.

(Tamang) Fifteen Rupies a month and being paid 270 Rupies a month, so that was very good.

At that time that was very, very good. Whenever people used to come from the village that they were from... Read more.

(Tamang) So for a six day journey on foot, what would you take with you?

You'd walk for five or six hours then stop. Tourists used to walk for six hours and stop, we used... Read more.

(Tamang) How would you describe family life as a child?

They didn't have hospital facilities and so on, everyone was born at home. The eldest, whoever was the eldest would... Read more.

(Tamang) And you said 'a small village', how many people lived there?

There was one thousand homes at that time there, but when we talk about villages in Nepal, you've got one... Read more.

(Tamang) Who would do the farming? Did the family, did the children help with the farming?

Everybody helped. Children, whatever they could do did. The ones that couldn't do the actual physical work would help with... Read more.

(Pollek) Ok. How do you see your role within this society?

Well I ... I've got a sense of gratitude to England, specifically for allowing my mother and father to stay... Read more.

(Pollek) Ok. And what about your experiences while you were still working within the trade union itself, when you were still employed?

It was just a standard, nothing at all to do with my background as a Ukrainian, it was just me... Read more.

(Pollek) You said when you worked at Courage's with the Ukrainians, did you feel you were part of the Ukrainians?

No, I, no I didn't. They were, although I was eighteen, nineteen, and they would have been in their forties,... Read more.

(SSheikh) What year was it when you came here?

1966. Frame Clothing moved after a year to Basingstoke Road, Bennett Road so that got tough that's when the bus... Read more.

(Sheikh) You said before you felt you were African, so do you still feel that way.

Yes, I still do and that will never go away. I've lived in a sort of cosmopolitan society. I've been... Read more.

(Sheikh) Where was your wife?

She was in Birmingham. She stayed, and that is the only person whom I still consider as a very, very... Read more.

(Ling) Highdown, Highdown school. Are there many children who attend?

Yes. Because Chinese ... is Mandarin and Cantonese. They all say Chinese, but it is different dialect. Chinese and Mandarin,... Read more.

(Ling) Where does that take place?

Caversham. Hill down School?... Read more.

(Ling) So now you are in Reading. Is there a similar support group or friendship group that you are involved with?

Here, there is Chinese Christian Fellowship. There is a Chinese community here. And I am involved with teaching Chinese, which... Read more.

(Ling) If there isn't a group providing an important support mechanism for people, what happens?

I think would be very difficult. I have been through a very difficult time myself. So I relied on a... Read more.

(Ling) Tell me more about the support that you feel about that gives to people.

I have a one lady who was very ... I think it's a misunderstanding ... [pause] It is because of... Read more.

(Ling) So this is kind of multicultural group, of people from?

From Japan, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Korean, we got people from Korea, Africa, Indian. And I am the ... event... Read more.

(Ling) So you came, when you came to Newbury, you had your first child. And your husband was working and you then, you began to study at the Reading University. Tell me some, tell me more about the life in the UK, and your thoughts about it.

I think because I have a child, the health care and ... the health visitors, kind of professional, they kind... Read more.

(Graham-Paul) This was voluntary work that you took up, was it Shirley?

Yes, you had to be trained for four years. And then you'd give them back the time because they pay... Read more.

(Graham-Paul) Tell us about that.

Mary Seacole is [pause] she's a lady of colour. She was mixed race. Her father was Scottish, her mother was... Read more.

(Graham-Paul) Tell us where the mural is exactly?

It's [pause] as you're coming over the IDR, on the right hand side, where all the black historians are ...... Read more.

(Graham-Paul) Tell me about your involvement in other projects in Reading?

You know the black mural, the mural along the wall. When you drive past and you see the nurse holding... Read more.

(Graham-Paul) What year was it when you started that?

'Eighty, I have the form ... I have a thing in there but I haven't got it off hand. It's... Read more.

(Graham-Paul) How old where you when you finished your community midwife?

I was examining in the surgery and one patient couldn't get off the bed, up to sit up so I... Read more.

(Fappiano) Can you relay to me your experiences as a child?

Well as a child I was born during the Second World War and then after the war it was a... Read more.

(Szopis) You're involved with Polish community now.

Always have been. Always have been yes. When we came actually when my husband finished his college we came here... Read more.

(Szopis) Tell me about that.

Oh, in 1940 when the Russians occupied the site of Poland they decided they wanted to take us out of... Read more.

(Bajric) In conclusion I would like to find out from you what contribution you can continue to make because you have told me about all the work you have done for the people of Bosnia and the UK society.

I did a lot of things first. When I was working I tried to help people who were in a... Read more.

(Bajric) Do you still maintain contacts with Bosnia, now you have mentioned about the things you have done?

I'm always in contact with Bosnia people and with some project and now project is Bosnian orphans. And this is... Read more.

(Bajric) And what about your sisters?

My sisters they stay in Bosnia, both of them stay in Bosnia. One of them was in Sarajevo and they... Read more.

(Bajric) What was your mother's profession?

My mother was ordinary woman and she had very good family and religious education. She tried to teach us to... Read more.

(Bajric) Why were you not allowed to go?

I had travel document, blue one. They said you can visit any country except your country. And I was looking... Read more.

(Bajric) What job roughly were, what job were you looking for?

OK. I was looking usually for simple job, not much. I was looking to do to work in shops, I... Read more.

(Bajric) What work were you doing during the day?

I was doing painting decorating houses and all building work, my employer, ordered me to do. I have to do... Read more.

(Bajric) Which religion were you before?

I never follow it, I was free man you know. But I was born ... I was born like Bosnian... Read more.

(Bajric) When roughly was it that you came here?

It was sixth of October 1992. I do remember exact date when it was. And after ... one week something... Read more.

(Bajric) How were you travelling?

And ... they find somebody by car, they pay for that, and they were travelling by foot as well because... Read more.