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(Collyer) So how do the children feel about their Ugandan heritage?

Nassili, the eldest, she feels quite, stongly about it. She's made an effort to keep in touch with my family... Read more.

(Collyer) So, would you ever move permanently back to Uganda?

Probably not, not unless there was a big change. But certainly would we have a base there, yes. It depends,... Read more.

(Collyer) So where, you've been eighteen years in Reading now, and quite a long time in the UK, where do you think of as home?

Home ... That's, er ... I don't know. When I go to Uganda I feel, that's home. If my mother... Read more.

(Browne) Where was this in Reading, Grace?

Edges Street, 17 Edges Street. Yeah and then I lived there but I wasn't very happy to be truthful. She... Read more.

(Browne) What was it like?

Well that experience it wasn't bad you know because you met a lot of people that you never met before... Read more.

(Browne) So did the ship call at other places? can you remember what is was like?

It, I know on this ship we had people from Jamaica, from other places and then we stop in Genoa... Read more.

(Malhotra) Is there anything else that you wanted to say, that I haven't asked you about?

Yeah, I think for any immigrants whichever background they come from, when they come, to my mind, if they decided... Read more.

(Malhotra) Was it mainly ... you and some friends, or ...

Well, we started four five ladies together and just like a general discussion that we need a place and we... Read more.

(Chigumira) You miss Zimbabwe?

I do miss the sunshine, I do miss, I miss the food, I miss a lot of things, I miss... Read more.

(Chigumira) Do they miss Zimbabwe?

They do miss Zimbabwe, but the other thing is that we cook the food here, we play the music here,... Read more.

(Chigumira) How have your children settled now?

My children have settled very, very well, as you see they are not here, they've gone to sleep at friend's... Read more.

(Pollek) Ok. How do you see your role within this society?

Well I ... I've got a sense of gratitude to England, specifically for allowing my mother and father to stay... Read more.

(Pollek) Do you feel that you've been accepted here-

Oh yes, oh yes, yes. One thing again in Reading, Reading didn't have a problem with me as a Ukrainian... Read more.

(Pollek) Wasn't it difficult for you that you didn't belong when you were at school and also when you were working?

Yeah, yeah that was a problem and its only just recently, funnily enough, or maybe that's why I'm member of... Read more.

(Pollek) You said when you worked at Courage's with the Ukrainians, did you feel you were part of the Ukrainians?

No, I, no I didn't. They were, although I was eighteen, nineteen, and they would have been in their forties,... Read more.

(Pollek) How was it that work, working amongst fellow Ukrainians?

Well it was funny because again, being white, we don't stand out and in those days people were very concerned... Read more.

(SSheikh) What do you feel? Do you feel you are Pakistani? What do you feel your nationality is how do you identify your ... ?

If you ask me who you are I would say I'm just a human being right? And if you are... Read more.

(SSheikh) And what about going back to Pakistan have you ever been back there?

Pakistan I go like every year or every two years because all my relations my cousins are there. Only two... Read more.

(Sheikh) You said before you felt you were African, so do you still feel that way.

Yes, I still do and that will never go away. I've lived in a sort of cosmopolitan society. I've been... Read more.

(Szopis) Do you still feel very much Polish?

Oh yes, Oh yes. There's no way about it ... you do, I remember the first time ever I went... Read more.

(Szopis) But you've lived here for a long time.

Most of my life, 'forty seven, it's got to be sixty years next year, sixty years.... Read more.

(Szopis) What was that like?

I've been there for four days. I cried most of the time ... the town is still beautiful. It's the... Read more.

(Szopis) Did your daughter marry a Polish man?

She actually married a boy what from a Polish family, you know, born here. My daughter was born here. Yes... Read more.

(Cam) So you didn't miss your family?

Oh, I did. I used to write letters every night, and ... but then it was overwhelming, because when the... Read more.

(Bajric) What eventually decided you to stay here?

And I tried to go back but [pause] ten years I was waiting for my property I've left in town... Read more.