Pasang Tamang

Born: 1st August 1951

Kathmandu, Nepal

Date of interview: 29th August 2006

Map showing where Pasang Tamang came from

So, going back a bit, your husband who was working for the king, a good highly paid job, what made him decide he wanted to come to the UK?

There was four of my husband's friends all worked at the palace at the same time, one of the friends became a lawyer, studied there, one became a doctor, the other two which was including my husband wasn't able to study. Because he wasn't able to study and had two children, he worked at a hotel at night so he worked the king in the daytime, nine till five for the king and six till twelve. Well, someone had reported that my husband was working there, I don't know why. It wasn't allowed, I assume it was, well it wasn't allowed anyway. And that's why he decided to not work for the king and do something else and that's when he got in touch with his friends who organised a work permit for him to work in the UK.