Abduhl Sheikh

Born: 10th March 1942

Nairobi, Kenya

Date of interview: 24th May 2006

Map showing where Abduhl Sheikh came from

Who were the teachers there?

Mixed. The higher you went the more mixed you became, but in primary basically there were the Asians because they could understand the languages and if somebody didn't, English was of course the official language. You had to learn, you had no choice in the matter and then you had a choice you could either go for your native language, either Gujerati, Punjabi, Hindustani or Urdu. It used to be known as vernacular. So you had to choose which one to go for when you, just before you went into the secondary education which is your GCE or in those days it used to be known as the O Levels or Cambridge, examinations, you know the University of Cambridge used to control the secondary education over there and the criteria and curriculum used to come from this country.