Chaudhri Riaz

Born: 10th June 1946

Nanka Kohana, Pakistan

Date of interview: 25th May 2006

Map showing where Chaudhri Riaz came from

Which university did you study in, in Britain when you came in?

To do accountancy you didn't have to go to university. I used to go to Reading University Library regularly because I was living only three hundred yards away, four hundred yards away. I was in, I was living in London Road which is called Foley Hall. The great, a wonderful lady Miss Foley, she donated those properties to IFL which is abbreviation of International Friendship League. And obviously you know I was here, I was looking for accommodation and I was told that go to Foley Hall. So I stayed four years while I was student.

The system in those days was that you do, you used to do the articles with a principal who used to be a chartered accountant and you actually learned, get the training there. And then obviously you had the study leave and you go to actually the colleges which used to run the courses like London School of Accountancy.

So I have always lived for the last thirty-six years in the one mile radius of this area because I love this area because I came here as a student. This is why I have always stayed in this ward. And, this is the ward I am councillor of.