Chaudhri Riaz

Born: 10th June 1946

Nanka Kohana, Pakistan

Date of interview: 25th May 2006

Map showing where Chaudhri Riaz came from

What about your secondary ... and your university life?

Our teachers were so devoted and wonderful teachers that I think it will be unfair if I don't pay tribute to them. The Persian teacher was brilliant. The maths teacher was brilliant. They were born teachers ... OK, they used to give us extra time near the exam. And not only I, a lot of people used to get very, very high marks in those days. I did my O Levels which we used to call Matriculation. And that was in physics, chemistry, math, English, geography, history, Urdu, you know ... and geometry ... quite a few subjects. And then I went to college and I did my A Level, in economics, political science, history and English.

And then I went to graduation which as you know we call it ... they call it here under-graduation. That was in economics, political science and English, and Persian option. Then I went to university for post-graduation which is Master and that was in politics. And my favourite subjects in that, that was a wonderful time, was international law and international politics. And at that's where I think I got attracted into the international sort of world rather than the local one.