Robert Browne

Born: 20th October 1938

Guyana, South America

Date of interview: 16th July 2006

Map showing where Robert Browne came from

So, when you came to England after that long journey what was it like leaving the hot South American country? What was the experience like for you?

What here? Well there were good times and bad times but the first thing I learnt when I get off the boat at Plymouth I was able to see right away that I had to go back to school to start training to be a plumber in England because the standard of work I see they were doing, I wouldn't be able to attempt it, straight away. So what I did was to get to a company and told them what I can do. That was cast iron and galvanised pipes, so I was doing the cast iron and galvanised and not to worry too much about the lead. So that's when I had to go into the college. Don't know about joints the way they do it. Gradually catch on to it. Different types of flashing. Step flashing, cold flashing and all that. Found it very exciting at college.