Michael Pollek

Born: 24th February 1954

Reading, UK

Date of interview: 13th July 2006

Map showing where Michael Pollek came from

How did it teach you how to lie?

Well because, for instance, if I, I was always upset about Judas. I don't mean to upset anyone's beliefs but I was always upset about Judas. If God is all knowing and therefore Jesus being part of the trinity was equally all knowing, he knew Judas was going to betray him in fact it was important for Judas to betray him because if he wasn't betrayed he couldn't have been crucified. But why? Why pick on this poor man? What had Judas done wrong? You knew from the beginning of time that this poor person would be picked on, would be victimised, would be, for the rest of humanity as long as Catholicism lives, would be treated as a inferior, even the term 'Judas' means betrayal now. Why pick on this one man? And I would ask these questions and the priest would say that's God's will, do you understand? If I said I didn't understand I'd be made to pray until I did understand.