Michael Pollek

Born: 24th February 1954

Reading, UK

Date of interview: 13th July 2006

Map showing where Michael Pollek came from

Did you do your secondary education in Rome

I studied in Rome till I was fifteen, and then I came, when I came home, I finished my education here at secondary school. I started secondary school at Hugh Farringdon, when I came back I finished at Alfred Sutton because I really didn't want anything else to do with the church. I had my education that I had from Italy that bore no, at that time, no, had no bearing on my skills that I needed here. It certainly didn't teach me other than how to be devious and deceitful, how to do anything else. I worked in an engineering firm, I, for a time I was assistant manager of a shoe shop in Reading, I worked in a foundry in Langley. And then I met a girl and, kids I suppose 'cos that's all I was, I was just eighteen. We fell in love, we got married, and had a young son and I needed to have a proper job and I started working in Courage's in Reading, which is a brewery.