Shirley Graham-Paul

Born: Not given

Kingston, Jamaica

Date of interview: 6th June 2006

Map showing where Shirley Graham-Paul came from

How long did that training take altogether?

Eighteen months. Yes, eighteen months. And of course I wouldn't stop ... so I decided to do what we call, it was then called, 'special care babies' course. But working on the ward, I found that very frustrating because we were so busy and you couldn't give the patients the time that they needed. I decided to come and work in the community, where it was my time ... even if I'm late, I was not leaving a patient unhappy. And that's what I wanted to do. So I worked in the community as a community midwife. That lasted ... twenty nine years. Because I loved it. I was being paid for my hobby. I just love children. So ... I then did my short teaching and clinical practice course so that I could have students as well in the community.