Spaho Bajric

Born: 19th July 1944

Small town near Sarajevo, Bosnia

Date of interview: 23rd June 2006

Map showing where Spaho Bajric came from

Why was it difficult for you to get a job as a professor here, do you think?

In this country is not only for me, it's for all people. In this country they don't recognise your diploma from your own country, they don't recognise. If you are doctor, you can be taxi driver. If you are professor, you can't do your job and if you are pharmacist you can't work here and they are quite strict. You have to be retrained here to do something here, to pass some exam to do this job. It's not only for this for all other people who came in this country particularly from Eastern European country. And what ... I disagree. I know now here about 500, I did research what is here. 500 doctors are in the United Kingdom. If they retrained them they would save a lot of money and they would have very qualified people.